Purpose of Polonica

The next couple of years

The purpose of Polonica is to sail, learn, get experience and see exiting places. Do not intend to have many people on board, as I am trying to have interesting people joining. I would prefere to sail with university students, ex. Students of biology og medicine.

I am trying to keep the boat primitive and simple, as my experience tells me that "everything you do not have do not break"! I do not think that the crewmembers' joining me is on vacation they are travelling. Therefore it is my principle that I would rather have crewmembers signing up for at least a 3 months period.

The next 3 to 4 years I have set off to rebuilding and improvement of the ship therefore there will be periods with little sailing. In those periods the ship will be under construction and a mess, so in those periods I prefer to be alone on board or have people with some craftsman's skills.

I have a principle of being free and independent of crew payments, what I receive this way is for making life on board more pleasant. The basis of the Polonica economy will be my 6 months a year working. Furthermore I do not have the need for having people on board, and if there is somebody who would like to join the journey will it be on the terms I set.

The distant future

My dream is to sail to Antarctica, Alaska, Greenland and Svalbart, therefore I might change the ship into a expedition ship.

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