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About S/Y Polonica
  • Polonica is a 42 feet (12,50 m) long steel boat from 1997.
  • 16 meters mast with about 75 m 2 sail
  • Inside engine with 50 horse power
  • Generator for 220 voltage which is running about an hour a day, the rest of the day there is 12 voltage power for lightning anf navigation instruments.
  • There are three cabins
    • 1 for-kahyt med 2 kųjer og skabe
    • 1 salon med spisebord, kabys, navigations bord
    • 1 agterkahyt med 2 kųjer
  • Toilet and shower is available onboard
  • There is 400 liters of drinking water, this is not much so this is only for drinking and cooking, shower is sea water.

Below is some pictures of the inside of Polonica, click a picture to see it in full size.

Kitchen and office Saloon Rear cabin (Quarters of the Captain) Front cabin Toilet and shower

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